“We have installed Waterblade at one of our offices in Brighton, the water savings have been significant. The taps function really well and our tenants see it as a positive contribution to the office. We would recommend anyone interested in saving water and money to install Waterblade” Joe McNulty, Copsemill Properties Ltd

Waterblade takes a trickle of water and transforms it, making it many times more useful for washing your hands. This enables reductions in both water and energy consumption.

The typical return on investment when fitted is as little as 3 months, and it is scalable.
From the bathroom in your home, to fifty basins in your school, hotel, offices, etc the savings are impressive.

How it works

Waterblade takes a trickle of water and shapes it into a ‘Jelly Fish’ shaped, paper thin sheet of water that is as wide as your hand. This is an extremely efficient distribution of the water. This is why in all our trials we have received positive feedback, despite the small amount of water used.

No other flow modification washes your hands so well using so little water!

Water and energy savings


Obviously how much you save depends on how often the tap is used and what you pay for your water and water heating.

Typically; The Waterblade operates at 2.5 litres per minute (l/m). A water saving tap with an aerating nozzle uses 5 or more l/m. A standard tap uses 10 to 20 l/m.

We calculate an Annual Combined Water, Wastewater and Energy saving of Waterblade, per tap, could be £75 compared to standard tap and £25 compared to aerating tap. The full data sheet is available on request.

Our recent monitored office trials showed a ‘real life’ saving of £32.00 per year per tap on the water cost alone. The full trial report is available on request.

Where to Buy

Online (UK):


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Or, contact us.

Case studies

SonyDADCScreen Shot 2017-02-06 at 23.57.10

Tried one and have placed three repeat orders to date.

Royal Bank of Scotland (Head Office)Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 23.56.01

Fitted to 30 basins and independently monitored

Water cost saving; £9.27 /tap/year (Scotland has particularly low cost water)

Water heating saving; £17.24 /tap/year

Anglian WaterScreen Shot 2017-02-06 at 23.50.14

Fitted to sensor tap. Originally operating at 5 l/m. Halved flow to 2.5 l/m. Received good feedback. Now rolling out to head office buildings

Canary Wharf Corporation

Fitted to 13th floor, received positive feedback of 96%, 200 out of 250 people responded. UK rollout intended.

Barclays BankScreen Shot 2017-02-06 at 23.45.01


Currently trialling Waterblade in South Africa for Barclays Bank.


Good feedback, see ecothriftyliving blog.

Eco Tech Show 2015

Over 100 people tried out the Waterblade at the Eco Tech Show. We asked them all if they were happy to wash their hands using the Waterblade and all said yes. Some added that they thought it was particularly visually appealing, and others commented that they thought it would engage well with children. All asked when it would be available to purchase. (Which it now is!)


Office Trial, Richmond Place

Newly refurbished offices, containing two cloakrooms, (male/female) with single toilet and basin in each. Waterblade was fitted to the two basins. The taps were new with no water saving nozzles, and had a maximum flow of 18 litres per minute (l/m). Waterblades were fitted as per fitting instructions, giving maximum flow of 3 l/m. Small explanatory signs were fitted above each basin.

The water data we have is for the whole building. This contains, in addition to the two cloakrooms, a shower room (toilet, basin & shower) and two kitchenettes with basins. Considering this we are very pleased to have demonstrated an overall building reduction of 15%.

The reduction from 0.46 cubic meters per day to 0.39 M3/Day is a reduction of 15% or 18m3 per year.
This equates to a saving of £63 per year for the client on water bills. Note that the Waterblade is retailed at £7.50 per unit, giving an annual saving of in excess of £63 for an investment of just £15.
This figure does not include the saving as a result of heating less water, which could be another £24 per year.

Please note that these savings are totally scalable, the more taps fitted the greater the savings.
Full trial report is available on request.

Home trials

Over 20 of you have taken the Waterblade home and installed it. The feedback has been very useful. The main result is an ‘Installation Requirements’ information sheet. This clarifies what tools are needed, and the ‘what and where’ of an Isolating valve. Sheet available on request.

The other stand out parts of the feedback have been

1) Many of you have commented positively on the visual appeal of the Waterblade

2) None of you have said that there is not enough water to do the job, we are very happy about this. It is amazing what you can achieve with a trickle of water!



We have received grant funding and invaluable ongoing business support from the Green Growth Platform. They are Fab! We have also received grant funding from through Ngage Solutions, and won an Innovation grant through Innovate UK. This has enabeled us to develop the Waterblade at the University of Brighton.

Approved Product colour


RBS Gogarburn Challenge – Winner



Two awards at the top UK water industry event, competing with and in-front of major water utilities and corporations.

Rushlight Awards 15-16 winner_white_15_16_rgb



Big Innovation Pitch 2016 – Winner

The ‘WRAS Approved Product Certification Mark’ is property of WRAS Ltd.


The full Waterblade or home kit. This is for those who are not sure if you need the additional washers and housings. Normally sent out with ‘Installation requirements’ leaflet as well as installation instructions. For installers who just want the insert and to avoid waste, comes in packs of 1 or 5.

WB pic 1
WB pic 2
WB pic 3


Waterblade has WRAS approval. #1512334

Care and Maintenance

The Waterblade is made from ABS Plastic which is stable and durable and can reasonably be expected to last the lifetime of the tap it is fitted to.

The Waterblade will perform best if kept clean. It is easily cleaned by wiping with a cloth.

We currently believe that it is possible that the Waterblade may accumulate limescale externally on its tip, however none has accumulated after a year in use in a high lime area. It may be that regular cleaning has prevented this problem. In any event it seem likely that any deposits would be easily removed without removal of the Waterblade, simply by wiping.

How to fit

Just follow the instructions provided. Tools required; Slide wrench, cloth and slotted screwdriver. Copy of fitting instructions available on request, or watch our 2.5 minute video:

‘Retrofit’ on existing taps

1) Mixer Tap (hot and cold come out of the same spout), not separate hot and cold taps. Must have removable M22/M24 nozzle. All the mixer taps we have seen have this removable nozzle. This picture shows the Waterblade installed on a standard mixer tap.


2) Taps must have Isolators fitted. These are usually on the hot and cold supply pipes under the basin. It has been standard practice to fit them for over 20 years. When the slotted screw on the isolator is in line with the pipe (as in photo) it is open, when across the pipe, it is closed.

3) We only recommend for cloakroom and bathroom taps. Not for kitchen taps for example as it would take too long to fill the kettle!

4) Tools required, slide wrench, slotted screwdriver and cloth.


‘New Build’ /new installations

If fitting new taps we recommend also fitting inlet flow regulators as well as isolators. We recommend ‘Wondervalves’. These isolators also regulate the flow. We recommend regulating the flow to 1.5 litres per minute on hot and cold. 2 litres per minute can work well in some designs. Do contact us for more information.

Another option is to use taps with integral flow control. Do contact us for more information.


The following PDF documents are available upon request:

  • Waterblade One sheet Technical Summary
  • Royal Bank of Scotland, trial report
  • Richmond Terrace, trial report
  • Householders Water and Energy saving calculation
  • Waterblade Retrofit Checklist
  • Waterblade Retrofit Signage
  • Waterblade A5 Leaflet
  • Price List

Please contact us if you wish to view any of these documents.


Business enquiries

We are keen to expand our sales and distribution networks and explore licencing and joint venture possibilities. Contact nigelbamford@waterblade.co. Waterblade has international IP protection.



Sustainability is at the core of the Waterblade. We constantly strive to improve the sustainability of our production and company operations. We are keen to collaborate with you to use the Waterblade to improve your sustainability.